Benefit to All, Harm to None

Our vision is of a banking industry that is fair to the person with the least bargaining power; provides access to financial services for all our communities, particularly the traditionally underserved; results in the long-term prosperity of responsible consumers; promotes financial system stability; and contributes to the sustainability of the environmental commons. We call this vision Beneficial Banking.

A Letter from Kat & Tom, Our Co-Founders

Dear Bank Customers,

Each year, we celebrate you — our citizen bank customers — as the original and most important “crowdfunders.” You haven’t often been recognized as such but that’s what you are! Banks are allowed to…(more).


Carrying Out the Vision

Throughout this site we hope to illustrate the ways in which we strive to achieve this vision.

Embedded in all of these elements are our beliefs
that ownership matters, that we can’t let the bad negate all of our good,
that banks should do the right thing for people
because they can, rather than wait until policies force them to
or just accept fines and continue their wrongdoing.
And finally, that together we can build an economy that is
fully inclusive, racially just, and environmentally sound.
We hope you’ll join us in carrying out this vision.