Loans Should Support Changemakers

As a commercial bank, we believe lending is the primary way we make the change we want to see. We strive to ensure that 75% or more of our loan dollars are supporting a more socially just and environmentally sustainable world, and that none of our loans are counter to this mission.

Our depositors provide the funding to make loans possible, we make the loans, and our borrowers create impact in the world.  Together, we build affordable homes for low-income families; create clean, renewable energy from the wind, sun, water and waste; help nonprofit organizations execute their social missions; provide spaces for art; educate our youth; support social entrepreneurs; grow and distribute healthy food; build businesses owned by workers; and so much more.

Our Approach: Who is a Changemaker?

We’ve identified 4 primary ways in which nonprofits and businesses are positive social and environmental changemakers. We seek to provide 75% or more of our loan dollars to entities that are engaged in one or more these areas:

Ownership by
Under-Served Communities

Businesses and nonprofits that are owned by people from under-served and historically oppressed groups can help build wealth and power for these individuals and communities

Ownership Structures

Nonprofit organizations, worker-owned cooperatives, benefit corporations, Social Purpose corporations, and similar business models put people and planet before profit.

Core Products & Services

Nonprofits and businesses whose core products or services are intended to improve the lives of people and communities and/or support environmental sustainability. We’ve articulated several key mission product and service sectors, as shown in the mission pie chart below.

Corporate Practices

We seek borrowers that purposefully support people and planet through their corporate practices, such as the provision of living wages and benefits well-being opportunities for staff, sustainability practices and policies, and community service programs. These practices are often recognized through certifications and labels such as B Corp, Green Business, JUST, LEED, and others.

2017 Lending

At the same time, we can’t keep our commitment to our beneficial depositors and borrowers if we let any of the loan dollars operate in contra-mission ways. We have diligent and ongoing dialogue about what we should not lend to, and do our best to fund Benefit to All; Harm to None.

Here’s a snapshot of where the money went in 2017:

2017 mission loans


2017 Impacts in Key Sectors

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Nonprofit Loans
Renewable Energy Loans