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2017 Summary
2017 Year-End Outstanding Loan Commitments
Loans to Low and Moderate Income Communities
Affordable Housing Loans
Loans Supporting Business with Mission-Driven Structures
Renewable Energy Loans


2017 Summary
Loan commitments made in 2017 $215 MM
Number of borrowers with new loans in 2017 174
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2017 Year-End Outstanding Loan Commitments
Outstanding loan commitments on 12/31/17 $556 MM
Number of borrowers at 12/31/17 462
Number of loans at 12/31/17 635
% of Loan dollars to Mission-Aligned borrowers & uses 74%
% of Loan dollars to Conventional borrowers & uses 26%
% of Loan dollars to Contra-Mission borrowers & uses 0%
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Commercial Loans to Low & Moderate Income (LMI) Communities Outstanding at Year End
Amount committed to LMI Communities $149MM
Number of loans to LMI Communities 156
CDFI Qualification Analysis of Commercial Loans
Total 2017 Loans Originated ($) $214.8 MM
2017 Loans Originated in CDFI Investment Areas ($ / %) $192.2 MM / 90%
Total 2017 Loans Originated (#) 188
Loans Originated in CDFI Investment Areas (# / %) 169 / 90%
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Loans to Nonprofits
Amount of loan dollars committed to nonprofits $127 MM
Number of loans 137
Number of borrowers 98
As a % of our lending 23%
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Affordable Housing Loans
Amount committed to affordable housing on 12/31/17 $84 MM
Number of loans on 12/31/17 91
Number of borrowers on 12/31/17 54
As a % of our lending 15%
Cumulative # of affordable housing units supported over time 6,600
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Loans Supporting Businesses With Mission-Driven Structures
Loans to B Corps and Benefit Corps $3.8 MM
Loans to Co-Ops, Co-op Developers, and ESOPs $13.5 MM
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Renewable Energy Loans
Total loan dollars committed on 12/31/17 $20.9 MM
Solar $13.4 MM
Wind $0 MM
Hydroelectric $3.6 MM
Biogas Digesters $3.9 MM
Geothermal $0 MM
Total kWh produced over life of loans 404 MM kWh
Total GhG avoided over life of loans 278,000 mT CO2
Carbon saving equivalent: Number of acres of forests 228,000 acres
Carbon saving equivalent: Number of cars off the road for 1 year 58,000 cars
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Asset Building Savings Accounts
Consumer Loans
Deposits from Charitable Foundations


Number of Individual Development Account (IDA) Clients 148
Total Dollars Saved by IDA Clients $93k
Average Savings by IDA Clients $625
Highest Amount Saved by an IDA Client $3,091
Consumer Loans Outstanding Year-End
Auto, furniture and other consumer loan commitments for low and no credit individuals as of 12/31/17 $82 MM
Number of consumer loans 10,492
Average loan size of consumer loans $7,314
Average FICO score of consumer loan borrowers 582
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People & Communities

Total 2016 GhG emissions 455 mT CO2
2016 GhG emissions per employee 4.7 mT CO2
% of Branch Locations Green Certified, where certification available 100%
Solar-powered Locations Oakland
LEED Certified Locations Sacramento
2017 Green Certified Locations Oakland, Seattle, Portland,Fresno, Santa Rosa, Bakersfield,
North Hollywood
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People & Communities
Sponsorships to Nonprofits (2017) $400,000
Charitable donations by employees and $250 company match $4650
Employee sabbatical reward for 5 years of service 1 week + $1000
Minimum Living Wage Commitment 1.5x Living Wage
with $15/hour minimum
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CDFI Certified
JUST Label
Paris Pledge to Quit Coal
Portland Mayor's Business Climate Challenge
B Corp Best for the World Status - Overall
B Corp Best for the World Status - Community
B Corp Best for the World Status - Customers
B Corp Score (out of 200) 176
GABV Scorecard: % of Loans Categorized as Triple Bottom Line - 2016 73%
GABV Scorecard: % of Loans Categorized as Real Economy - 2016 82%
NCIF Quadrant 1 CDBI Bank, Exceeding NCIF’s Social Impact Thresholds
NCIF Development Deposit Intensity Score - 2015 (Median: 85.7%) 50%
NCIF Development Lending Intensity Score - 2015 (Median: 63.6%) 69%
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