A Snapshot of our California Work

Headquartered in Oakland, Beneficial State Bank has 10 branches in California from Santa Rosa in Sonoma County to Porterville in the Central Valley to East Los Angeles in southern California.  The social and environmental impact of the work in these branches includes mission-aligned depositors of all kinds, personal loans to credit-challenged individuals to purchase cars, furniture, and other necessary assets, and commercial loans to socially- and environmentally-responsible businesses and nonprofits.

At 2016 year end, our California branches were serving over 1500 deposit customers, totaling over $238 million in deposits, had outstanding loan commitments of  $106 million to commercial borrowers, and $100 to personal (consumer) borrowers.

From urban centers to farmland and wine country, our California business and nonprofit borrowers make a positive impact in many areas, including:

Affordable Housing
Drug Treatment & Recovery
Environmental Education & Advocacy
Industrial Arts
Cultural & Performing Arts
Health & Fitness
Healthy Food Production
K-12 Education
Neighborhood Economic Development
Small Business Technical Assistance
Workforce Development
Waste Reduction & Recycling

Get Involved

Want to get involved in our California work? Contact us so that we can help you plug in appropriately!