How do you know if your bank is good?

At Beneficial State, we measure that every day.

We believe that banks should nourish our communities, not extract from them. Doing the right thing is not only imperative, it’s contagious. Together, we can create a new banking system that is fully inclusive, racially- and gender-just and environmentally regenerative.

At a Glance

Lending as of Dec 2021

  • $789

    Million in Loan Commitments

  • $201

    Million in Loans to Nonprofits

  • 13k

    Total Affordable Housing Units Supported

  • 687

    Million kWh of Clean Energy Produced

  • 80%

    Mission Loans

  • 0%

    Contra Mission Loans

Our Impact in Depth


Doing Business Differently

We are proving that a new business model that delivers governance in the public interest, socially responsible corporate practices, radical transparency, and policy advocacy is possible.


Banking Impact

We develop and use impact measurement tools and practices to track how our services and loan dollars support a new economy.


Changing the System

We are building triple-bottom-line banking standards with other banks and banking associations to inspire people, organizations, and banks to align their money with their values.

Deposit Calculator

Our depositors provide the funding to make loans possible,
we make the loans, and our borrowers create impact in the world.

Find out where your deposits at Beneficial State Bank go.

Transparency & Accountability